7 Best Clamp Meter for Electricians in India [2021]

Searching for Best Clamp Meter in India?

Hello, are you a technician or an electrician or an engineering student working on a project then, this article is on the best clamp meter for electricians.

Here we discuss the 7 best clamp meters for electricians that can be widely in any electric work.

Our guide will help you get the best knowledge about clamp meters and suggest you the best clamp meter for electricians available online.  

What is a clamp meter?

A clamp meter is a tool that consists of a basic digital meter and a current sensor used by electricians to measure the current and voltage. 

Clamp meter has a hinged jaw combined with an electrical meter, and this jaw is clamped around a wire or cable at any position of an electrical system, and by doing this the current in that circuit can be measured easily without disconnecting the electric circuit.

A clamp meter is used to solve the current fluctuations in your domestic difficulties and professional work in a few simple steps giving you the best and accurate readings with safety.

Earlier it was first created as a single-purpose tool, but as the days pass the technology gets improved with the demand, and so modern clamp meters have some specialized features with multi-functionality which makes it more reliable for a technician to be dependent on a single tool rather than having a bunch of tools.

The best and the foremost thing about a clamp meter is the safety it provides with as it allows electricians for a contactless measurement without cutting the wire or inserting the cables in a circuit.

When you are up to choose an electrical or mechanical instrument for domestic or professional work, then you must know about the features and stats of the device.

With a lot of research and reviews from the customers, we have listed 7 Best Clamp Meter Brands in INDIA for electricians with different capabilities and functions at different price ranges.

7 Best Clamp Meter for Electricians in India

Best Clamp Multimeter in India Review

1. Freshdcart DT-266 Ac Dc Digital Clamp Multimeter

Key Features

  • Useful for both AC and DC measurements.
  • Digital LCD is of 4.75 cm in length and 15 mm high.
  • The lightweight will help you handle the meter more securely.
  • Easy to carry and operate.
  • Data-hold function.
  • NCV (Non-Contact Voltage)

Freshdcart DT-266 is a multi-purpose digital clamp meter, to measure the voltage electricity best for solving electrical issues for household and professional applications.

Because of its enough positive reviews on Amazon, we put Freshdcart DT-266 in the first position in our list of best clamp meters for electricians.

The flow of electricity and voltage in an electric circuit is checked easily with this clamp meter to keep you aware of the voltage fluctuation.

The DT-266 Clamp meter is best suitable for heavy load wires

  • Easy handling and operation
  • AC and DC measurements
  • Lightweight
  • AA batteries included
  • Value for money
  • Not works for DC as it works for AC
  • Calibration certificate is not provided

2. Meco 27-Auto Digital Clamp Meter

Key Features:

  • Consists of LCD Display.
  • Comes with auto power-off function.
  • OI And -OI are displayed.
  • 25 mm of Jaw openings.
  • NCV (Non-Contact Voltage)

Meco is one of the leading brands in electrical equipment manufacturers. Meco 27-Auto Digital Clamp meter is an auto-ranging meter with a maximum reading of 2000 and 3.5 digits LCD Display.

One of the main reasons to add this to our list of “Best AC DC Clamp Meter in India” is that it can store a large amount of data. The main functions of a Meco 27-Auto Clamp Meter are to hold the data, audible continuity, and Diode test.

The AC ranges from 2A-400 amps and AC Voltage from 2V-600 Volts while in auto-ranging mode.

  • Accurate measurement
  • Positive implied, and negative polarity indication
  • Easy to use
  • Different measurements
  • Pouch, and manual included
  • The temperature can’t be measured as in Meco 27T
  • Restricted to AC only

3. Fluke 362, 200A AC/DC Clamp Meter

Key Features:

  • Physically compact
  • Multi-Purpose, measures AC and DC both
  • Data hold function
  • Zero function to flip to other readings
  • 200 A AC and DC current
  • 600 V AC and DC voltage
  • NCV (Non-Contact Voltage)

When it comes to digital clamp meter then, how can Fluke be excluded?

Fluke is a well-known brand for clamp meters that produces the best quality user-friendly current measuring instruments. 

Fluke 362 is one of the thinnest, and lightweight compact clamp meters used to measure AC and DC Currents, the compact meter is your pocket friend.

It consists of a small 18 mm triangular jaw, which helps electricians to work in tight places where huge clamp meters don’t get access easily.

  • Very compact in size
  • Uses very less space in your toolbox
  • Multiple functions
  • Jaw size helps you to work in tight places
  • Works for AC, and DC both
  • CAT III 600V safety rating
  • Continuity detection
  • Current measurement is limited to 200A only
  • Only 18 mm Jaw size doesn’t work for large wires

4. Mextech M45 Digital Clamp meter

Key Features:

  • 3.5 Digit LCD with a max reading of 1999
  • Weighs only about 200 grams 
  • Works on 2 AAA Batteries of 1.5V
  • Works on AC current (600A) and AC/DC voltage (600 Volts)
  • NCV (Non-Contact Voltage)

Mextech M45 Clamp meter is a current measuring instrument manufactured by Mextech Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading traders of laboratory testing equipment in India.

Mextech M45 is made of graded alloys manufactured in compliance with consideration of Industry Standards.

Mextech M45 is made with some additional features like battery check, low battery indication, Overload Protection, and so on with 9 different ranges.

  • Lightweight
  • Accuracy in measurements
  • LCD display
  • Low battery indicator
  • Works well for different ranges
  • Current measurement is only for AC
  • Clamps are not up to the mark

5. Meco MC_72 Auto Digital Clamp Meter

Key Features:

  • Portable due to its extremely compact size
  • Digital Clamp Meter LCD
  • Data Hold
  • NCV (Non-Contact Voltage Detector)
  • Auto power off
  • 3-3-4 digit with a 4000 count

Another digital clamp meter from Meco is Meco_72 and an automatic compact clamp meter to measure AC with Voltage.

It is made so simple that it has a single jog dial, to select a variable that you want to measure just with quick action. 

The major drawback of Meco MC_72 is that it restricts the measurement range only to 400 Amps.

Best suitable for day-to-day household problems without even touching the wires or circuit.

  • Data hold function
  • Auto power OFF
  • LCD display
  • Compact size
  • Safety features
  • Measurement range is only up to 400 amps

6. Fluke 302+, 400A AC Clamp Meter

Key Features:

  • Compact in size, small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Remarkably simple to use
  • Backlit display
  • High accuracy of 1.8%
  • The jaw is about 30 mm large
  • NCV (Non-Contact Voltage)

Fluke 302+ is another best digital clamp meter for the measurement of AC up to 400 Amps.

Fluke 302+ offers a convenient test lead and probe in a single unit with different connections. Rough and easy-to-use clamp meter with CAT IV 300 V/CAT III 600 V Safety rating. 

You can find a lot of digital clamp meters for your day-to-day electrical issues as an electrician, but Fluke 302 is one of the best clamp meters available in the market.

  • CAT IV 300 V/CAT III 600 V safety rating
  • Backlit display
  • Compact size
  • Contactless measurement
  • Restricted to AC only, and measures up to 400 amps only

7. Sigma Instruments Digital Ac Clamp Meter 678

Key Features:

  • Digital meter (LCD)
  • Up to 6000 counts
  • Continuity buzzer
  • NCV (Non-Contact Voltage)

If you are looking for a Best Digital AC Clamp Meter then here is one by Sigma Instruments.

Sigma 678 is a digital AC Clamp meter that comes with a calibration certificate and gives you the finest quality and accurate readings with durability.

It comes with features like NCV, Diode testing, and a continuity buzzer. Works for both AC and Dc Voltage and AC Current.

If you want highly accurate readings, then you can go with SIGMA 678 Clamp Meter.

  • Measures up to 6000 counts
  • Continuity buzzer
  • Accurate readings
  • Works for both AC and DC voltage
  • Simple operations
  • Easy-switch mode
  • Doesn’t work for DC current
  • Expensive when compared with other clamp meters


We have selected these 7 as the Best Clamp Meter for Electricians In India, considering the criteria such as user friendly, durability, NCV, size, and accuracy.

Now that we have reviewed the 7 best digital clamp meters and covered all the details which are necessary for an electrician or a technician to make a good decision in buying a clamp meter for your day to day electrical activities, and to know more about the clamp meters you can click on the links above.

But still, if you are confused with all these options that we have suggested here then Freshdcart DT-266 Ac Dc Digital Clamp Multimeter will be the best and all in one choice for you because there are enough positive customer reviews available on Amazon.

You can check it from the link provided so that you can find the best tong tester in India according to your needs.

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