6 Best Hair Dryer Under 500 INR in India 2021

Searching for a Best Hair Dryer Under 500 for Men and Women?

Then you in the right place. In this fast and furious life, hairdryers are of much use to dry your hair as soon as possible.

Hairdryers are designed to save your time and effort. These hair dryers are modern hair styling tools that can be used to shape and style your hair with better control. Butter it is also very recommended to use a heat protector before using a hairdryer.

Hairstyling further improved with some hair styling products, hairbrushes, and hairstyling combs. Hairdryers are now available for both men and women with long and short hair.

You are in a hurry for college/office and don’t want to waste time drying your hair because of the wet hair?

A hairdryer is the best solution for your problem, this tool will help you save time and dry your hair quickly with hair styling.

These hairdryers work on an electromechanical system that obtains electricity and a fan to produce hot air. Hot air evaporates the moisture present in hair gives it a style with dryness.

Factors to Consider

So to choose the best hair dryer under 500 rupees, you need to consider some factors that will help you to choose the best one for you.

1. Heat setting

Low and high heat setting is a must-have option that should be in a hairdryer. If you are in hurry or to dry your hair instantly you can use a hairdryer in a high setting otherwise a low setting is an ideal option to use regularly.

2. Cord length

Go for the one with a minimum of 1.8 Meters. So that you can use it anywhere you want with flexibly without worrying about the power supply.

3. Wattage

As it is a piece of electrical equipment, you need to look at its wattage for better efficiency. High wattage gives you lesser dry time with some extra electricity consumption.

4. Overheat protection

Lookout for a dryer with overheat protection to avoid damage and short-circuits.

5. Portability

The design of the hairdryer must be compact for easy handling. A hairdryer with folding option is good to go with so that you can carry it with you anywhere. Along with that, it should also be lightweight.

With considering all necessary features, pros and cons we have created a list of top 6 best hair dryer under 500 INR in India that you can buy from Amazon.

Best Hair Dryer Under 500 INR

Top 6 Best Hair Dryer Under 500 Rupees

1. Nova NHP 8100 1200 W Hot and Cold Foldable Hair Dryer

Nova NHP 8100 1200 W Hot and Cold Foldable Hair Dryer
Wattage:1200 Watts
Voltage:240 Volts
Cord Length:1.8 m
Weight:300 g
Warranty:1 Year

Nova NHP Hair Dryer gives you the silky shine salon-like hair styled at home. It ensures the latest technology of Ehd + with iconic conditioning of the hair, which gives maximum protection while the styling process.

It is available in classic black colour. The design is compact, easy to carry, and foldable. The length of the cord is about 1.8m.

The Hairdryer provides you with both hot and cold features of drying your hair.

  • Effective Dryer
  • Easy to Handle
  • Iconic Conditioning
  • Overheat protection
  • Flexible hairdryer
  • Updated Technology
  • Thermo protect safety
  • Do not use continuously(Give a time break)

2. TECHICON NV-1290 Foldable Hair Dryer 1000W

TECHICON NV-1290 Foldable Hair Dryer 1000W
Wattage:1000 Watts 
Voltage:220 Volts
Cord Length:1.5 m
Weight:190 g
Warranty:1 Year

The TECHICON NV-1290 is a professional foldable hairdryer. The dryer not only helps to dry out the hair but ensures that it gives you full protection from unnecessary heat. This dryer exhibits different shades of colours.

A fine narrow concentrator is included to provide hot air to a particular area of your hair. Hot air from the dryer vaporizes the extra amount of the moisture from the hair & keeps it dry and healthy.

It consumes over 1000 Watts of power. The handle is foldable that gives you extra protection from breakage and consumes minimal space for storage.

  • Efficient Drying
  • Easy to Handle
  • Styling Nozzle
  • Light Weight
  • Dual Speed Control Button
  • Foldable Handle
  • Limited to Hot air operation Only

3. VEGA Insta Glam 1000 Hair Dryer (VHDH-20)

VEGA Insta Glam 1000 Hair Dryer (VHDH-20)
Wattage:1000 Watts
Voltage:110-240 Volts
Cord Length:2 m
Weight:338 g
Warranty:2 Years

Vega has an excellent range of skin and hair care products. A hairdryer is on top of all other products from vega with its durable quality. It ensures you quick-dry of your hair without any hair damage.

It has a multi-speed setting so that you can adjust it as per the requirement. In case the dryer is overheated, it gets turned off automatically.

VEGA Insta Glam provides you with a beautiful nozzle and a foldable handle. It makes the styling of your hair super easy and fast.

  • Multiple Speed Setting
  • Foldable Handle
  • Removable Nozzle
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Quick Dry
  • Automatic Cut-off
  • Only hot air drying

4. HSR 2000 watt Professional Hair Dryer

HSR 2000 watt Professional Hair Dryer
Wattage:2000 Watts
Voltage:110-250 Volts
Cord Length:1.5 m
Weight:780 g
Warranty:1 Year

The HSR Hairdryer gives you a professional hair look at home. It assures your hair is taken care, without any damage and gives you a stylish look.

The latest technology ensures that only the correct amount of heat is passed and gives you good hair styling. It prevents frizziness and provides you with smooth, soft, and shiny hair.

It has multiple heat settings and available with both cold and Hot features. It doesn’t make any noise and easy to handle where ever you go.

  • Heat Balanced Technology
  • Portable
  • Multiple Speed Variations
  • Silent and Powerful Drying
  • Cool and Warm System
  • Unfoldable Handle

5. Shopizone Nova 1290 1000 Watt Foldable Hair Dryer

Shopizone Nova 1290 1000 Watt Foldable Hair Dryer
Wattage:1000 Watts
Voltage:220 Volts
Cord Length:1.5 m
Weight:200 g
Warranty:1 Year

The Shopizone Nova 1290 is a professional electrical hairdryer. It has multiple speed adjustments, so the amount of heat passing is altered.

It is available in a combination of pink and white colours. The compact size of the hairdryer and plastic body makes it weigh lesser. The handle of the dryer is foldable, which makes it portable and acquires minimal space for storage.

It ensures that only the required amount of heat is passed and gives you efficient protection. The technology of the narrow concentrator grips the flow of the heat in a particular direction.

  • Multiple Speed Settings
  • Foldable Handle
  • Cool Shot Professional Finger Diffuser
  • Cold Air Feature
  • Energy Efficient
  • Light Weight
  • No Warranty

6. CKINDIA 2888 Hot and Cold 2 in 1 Hair Dryer

CKINDIA 2888 Hot and Cold 2 in 1 Hair Dryer
Wattage:1500 Watts 
Voltage:220 Volts
Cord Length:1.5 m
Weight:300 g
Warranty:1 Year

The CKINDIA 2888 hairdryer works with both Hot and Cold air operations. It gives your hair a smooth and shiny look.

The hot air blows out from the dryer and makes your hair frizz-free. It also protects your hair from damage with an overheats protection feature. The latest technology of the dryer gives you a quick response with the best results.

CKINDIA 2888 Hairdryer is easy to use, portable, and lightweight. It has multiple heat setting features for better hair styling.

  • Easy Grip
  • Portable
  • Power Saving Technology
  • Light Weight
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Rigid Body ( The handle is fixed)


If you are the one who knows the value of time then, we have provided a list of the best hair dryers under 500 which works on both men and women.

We recommend you to go for a multi-operation hairdryer like HSR 2000 Watt for a quick hair drying experience.

If you are looking for less power consumption then our research recommends VEGA Insta Glam 1000 Hairdryer for performance with less power consumption.

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