[Top 7] Best Lamination Machine in India 2021

Are You Searching for a Best Lamination Machine in India?

Then you have landed in the right place, here we have listed some of the best lamination machine available in India that you can buy online from Amazon.

A lamination machine is as important as other tools used in industries and offices. Whether you run a large company or a small office, you need to secure your documents. These machines help you to protect your office documents of all shapes and sizes with the help of a thin plastic film.

When the world is digitalizing with every new technology, similarly, the hardcopies are changed to softcopies. But it is not possible in every case, As some documents and photos remain to hard copy for one or the other reason, and these may get whitened as the days pass.

So it is essential to protect the documents with extra care. A laminating machine makes it easy for you to preserve your docs for years. Laminating machines are simple and easy to operate with few simple steps.

Factors to Consider

Before you check for the best lamination machine, you should have to know what you need to look in a lamination machine based on your requirements.

1. Size of the paper

A4 Size lamination machine is good enough for regular use as it can also laminate A3 sized paper in the portrait form.

2. Body Material

If you want your machine to be portable enough, then go for a plastic body material as it weighs less. An additional advantage is that a plastic body never transfers current.

But according to me, a lamination machine is not a kind of appliance that you carry all the time with you. So you can buy metal as well as plastic constructed lamination machine according to your requirements.

3. Hot / Cold Lamination

Hot lamination machines are used for documents that are not affected by heat. This gives you a perfect permanent lamination. 

And cold lamination machines are used for heat-sensitive documents or photos. In this list of best lamination machine in India, you can find both options in a single lamination machine.

4. Maximum Thickness of Pouches

Look out for the machines with a maximum thickness of 160 microns of a lamination sheet. 

If you are looking for the best lamination machine in India and got stuck as there is no major brand associated with lamination machines, but there are brands that manufacture the best lamination machines.

After a thorough analysis, we have made a list of 7 best laminating/lamination machine with all the necessary features, pros and cons for your ease of purchase.

Best Lamination Machine in India

Top 7 Best Lamination Machine in India

1. TEXET LMA4-V Laminating/Lamination Machine

TEXET LMA4-V Laminating Lamination Machine
Model Number:LMA4-V
Sheet Size:A4
Voltage:240 volts
Laminating Speed:300 mm/min
Weight:1 kg 120 g
Warranty:1 Year

The TEXET LMA4-V laminating machine is the best partner of the day to day lamination work. Right from starting your day to end, covering things like photos, computer prints, Invitations, Artwork, Calendars, Painting, Drawing, Office projects, and much more.

It is very useful for school and office works. It gives you the best lamination works to save guards all the important documents. The minimum laminating speed is approximately 30cm/min, and the maximum lamination film is 160 microns.

  • Quick Heating
  • Shockproof material
  • Size: Hot / Max A4 / 160 Micron
  • High-Quality Power Cable
  • Contains Multiple Laminating Pouches
  • Limited to A4 Size

2. SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination/Laminating Machine

SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination Laminating Machine
Model Number:ST-L11A
Sheet Size:A4
Voltage:220 Volts
Laminating Speed:300 mm/min
Weight:1 kg 110 g
Warranty:1 Year

The STok ST-L11A A4 Laminating machine is best for office work as well as school and college projects. The approximate speed is about 300mm/min, and the pack comes with 5 free laminating pouches. It comes with hot and cold laminating features.

The latest technology of roller system prevents jamming, wrinkles, or any curling of the edges, and doesn’t leave out any bubble. The Foil thickness varies from about 80-125 micron.

  • Fast Pre-Heating
  • Versatile
  • Smooth Lamination
  • Low Noise
  • Portable Design
  • Limited for A4 Sized Documents

3. VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination/Laminating Machine

VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination Laminating Machine
Model Number:LM Deluxe
Sheet Size:A4
Voltage:230 Volts
Laminating Speed:475 mm/min
Weight:5 kg
Warranty:1 year

The VMS Professional Deluxe Laminating Machine is an excellent partner for all the daily works, with minimum cost and satisfactory results.

You can laminate all important documents, photos, Office documents, School/College assignments, lamination of the ID cards, Letters, achieving the best outcomes. By laminating, you can preserve all your valuables and keep all the memorable things alive.

It is easy to operate and can be used everywhere with the help of electricity. The machine is designed with multiple rollers for the best grip which allows you to perform backwards and forth operations. 

  • Heat Indicators
  • Heavy Duty
  • Smooth Buddle Free Lamination
  • Insulated Socket Pin
  • Shock Proof
  • Water-Resistant
  • Less Portability due to its weight

4. SToK ST-LA4 Lamination Machine

SToK ST-LA4 Lamination Machine
Model Number:ST-LA4
Sheet Size:A4
Voltage:220-240 Volts
Laminating Speed:250 mm/min
Weight:1 kg 220 g
Warranty:1 Year

SToK ST-LA4 Lamination Machine supports both Hot and Cold lamination. It comes with 5 A4 free laminating punches. In case of jamming, you can press the ABS button to release. The maximum size of laminating is A4 papers.

It prevents blistering and overheating by automatic switch-off of the machine. It takes about 3-5 minutes of warm up time. The foil thickness of the laminating machine is about 80-125 microns.

  • Automatic Switch Off
  • Uniform Lamination
  • Protecting Socket Pin
  • Free Multiple Laminating Pouches
  • Both Hot and Cold Lamination
  • Good for Small work Only

5. JD9 Fully Automatic Laminating Machine/Laminator

JD9 Fully Automatic Laminating Machine Laminator
Model Number:JD9
Sheet Size:A3
Voltage:230 Volts
Laminating Speed:475 mm/min
Weight:6 kg
Warranty:1 Year

The JD9 has an extended variety of products, Laminating Machine is one of such beautiful products. It can be used in the office or at home, for purposes like lamination of photos, ID cards, certificates, Painting/Art, and many more. It gets warm up very easily without delay in the time.

It provides multiple rollers for uniform and stable lamination which gives bubble-free and smooth results. It works excellent for both hot as well as cold lamination. It is the best lamination up to A3 paper size. In case of the power cut or the paper gets jammed, you can remove the knob.

  • Versatile
  • A gradual temperature control system
  • Light Indicator
  • Bubble Free Lamination
  • Both Hot and Cold Lamination
  • Easy to Use
  • Heavy Body Effects the portability

6. AmazonBasics A4 Lamination Machine

AmazonBasics A4 Lamination Machine
Model Number:Pre_esq_1
Sheet Size:A4
Voltage:230 Volts
Laminating Speed:250 mm/min
Weight:1 kg 60 g
Warranty:1 Year

The AmazonBasics serves you the best Laminating Machine with both hot and cold lamination. The best size is A4 size papers that can be used for Home and for Office work. The machine gives you bubble-free and scratch-proof lamination.

It also provides you with the jam-release button so that you can press it when it gets stuck. You can laminate things like Adhaar card, Id card, Photos, Artwork, Painting, Certificates, Posters, etc. The thickness of the film varies from 80-125 microns per sheet. 

  • Smooth and Bubble-Free Lamination
  • Easy to Operate
  • anti-skid Grip
  • scratch-proof lamination
  • Dust-free
  • Limited to A4

7. GOBBLER 312-PL Lamination Machine/Laminator

GOBBLER 312-PL Lamination Machine Laminator
Model Number:312-PL
Sheet Size:A3
Voltage:230 Volts
Laminating Speed:250 mm/ min
Weight:1 kg 700 g

GOBBLER 312-PL 2 in 1 A3 & A4 lamination machine/laminator comes with a jam release button that you can use to release your paper or document if stuck. Along with that, it comes with the supports of hot & cold lamination so that you don’t need to worry about sticking too much or milting of your stuff.

This lamination machine is suitable for both home and office use. The maximum pouch size of this machine is A3 and the maximum pouches thickness is 80-125 microns and it is recommended to do not try to laminate sheets with more thickness than this.

One of the most considerable features of this machine is it warms very quickly under 3-5 mins.

  • Jam-free release system
  • Best for home and office use
  • Maximum pouches thickness 80-125 micron
  • Lamination speed 250mm/min
  • Quick warm in 3-5 mins
  • Laminating speed 85 secs/A3 sheet
  • Heats too much

Final Thoughts

As per our research, we came across a dozen lamination machines in India, and we made it easier for you by shortlisting the above 7 best lamination machines.

The most important factor to check in a lamination machine is hot&cold lamination, which allows A3&A4 lamination for multipurpose. 

No doubt it becomes a little bit complicated to choose the best lamination machine, but we recommend you to go with the one which meets all your requirements.

But if you ask to choose the one that is capable to do all necessary works and the one which meets all requirements than SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination/Laminating machine will be a good choice for you.

We hope this guide will solve your problem and helped you to choose the best for your requirement.

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