Buying Guide for Kitchen Exhaust Fan

If you have decided to get an exhaust fan for the kitchen, it is essential to know few basic things before you make the right choice for your needs.

Ventilation is a key and necessary aspect of home sanitation. For this, kitchen exhaust fans are one of the most essential and helpful appliances.

Often underappreciated, these handy appliances can make a world of difference to your healthy lifestyle routine and well-being at home.

Kitchen exhaust fans come in various forms that generally vary from 2-speed direct drive models to commercial versions.

But, no matter what one chooses, it will help you get rid of stale air in the kitchen and prevents dampness that helps mold thrive. Here is what else you need to know about this equally important home appliance.

A kitchen exhaust fan is part of an exhaust system that is useful in removing steam and gasses from the kitchen ranging from cooking oils, food moisture, fumes, and water vapors.

The accumulation of moisture does happen in our restroom/bathrooms due to bathing, sunk drainage, showering, etc.

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Buying Guide

Here in this article, we will guide you through how to choose the best kitchen exhaust fan for your home.

We have also added some tips on buying guides and maintenance so that you can understand more about them.

There is a wide range of kitchen exhaust fans to choose from depends on your preference.

There are some things you need to consider before buying a kitchen exhaust fan. To give an example, if you want a fan that can fit through a window, then you must go for an exhaust fan with its casing.

Not all kitchen exhaust fans are the same. Some focus on function alone, while others consider aesthetics.

Aesthetics can be subjective, but what is always crucial is your space extensions and the purpose for each vent you will install. Here are buying guides for a kitchen exhaust fan when shopping for an exhaust fan:

Why are exhaust fans necessary for the kitchen?

When you cook and heat your home with appliances, steam produces. This steam becomes trapped in the kitchen, causing it to become too humid.

It can lead to mold and other undesirable problems. The best solution to this problem is an exhaust fan.

Exhaust fans are fit in kitchens and are the prime factor for ensuring a better environment.

It can lead to getting rid of hot steamy air that may otherwise promote the growth of bacteria and microbes in your kitchen.

It not only keeps impurities from affecting your cooking but also prevents the development of odors, moisture, mold, and mildew.

Kitchen exhaust fans are a must-have for any kitchen with an oven, stove, or range, and they’re easy enough to install.

The right fan is not only benefited your kitchen, but it takes energy efficiency to a new level with its high CFM (cubic feet per minute) and different ventilation dishes that remove the fumes from your kitchen with ease.

So, it is always beneficial that you have one near the center of your home, or if you have a large house or building with multiple levels, you will likely need another one on the upper floors.

What are various types of Kitchen Exhaust Fans available?

For kitchens, exhaust fans are necessary appliances, but many don’t know what kind of unit they need.

There are different kinds of kitchen exhaust fans that will solve all sorts of ventilation problems. They can install on the window, wall, or ceiling.

They are available in the following types:

If you’re looking for an exhaust fan for the kitchen, you should keep in mind that you can’t just choose any design.

The fan is to mount inside a window. For instance, it has to have a movable grilling so that air expels itself outside.

This type of exhaust fan is known as a surface-mounted or cut-in fan. They are usually installed among cabinets to help prevent grease buildup.

Wall-mounted exhaust fans have a whole house fan mounted on or near the roof structure of the house.

The fan is usually connected to the gable end by a duct. Exhaust fans can be placed at various locations with elevating ductwork runs that are manufactured with a unique type of bend that allows the fan to mount above the roofline.

If you are looking for eco-friendly, energy-efficient exhaust fans, it is advisable to go in for a premium SS finish exhaust fan.

These fans are coated with aluminum powder baked on the surface along with that it is a hundred percent rust-resistant.

Here are some of the top Exhaust Fans you can refer at:

Things to be considered before purchasing kitchen exhaust fan

An exhaust fan is a must-have in kitchens. Look for the one that is Energy Star rated and UL listed (a safety certification from Underwriters Laboratories).

An exhaust fan with an airtight design that does not produce too much noise and ranges between 0.5 to 1.2 decibel (a scale that measures loudness) should suffice.

When buying an exhaust fan for a kitchen, make sure that you get at least one to two years’ warranty on the product itself from the manufacturer.

So, if you are looking to buy a kitchen exhaust fan, here are some factors you can consider:

Automatic Controls

It is a new technical feature that is available in newly arrived brands of the exhaust fan.

It provides you automatic controls such that when the readings detect the rising of the humidity, it controls the temperature level.

Anyhow the users need to switch on these units and remove the odor.

Mounting Type

Mounting is nothing but the fixing process of the exhaust fan. There are several different ways like Exterior/Ceiling Mounting, Wall mounting, Window mounting, etc.

The wall mounting is a choice for those who want to place it at any location. An Exterior/Ceiling mounting is similar to that of the mounted fan, and the only difference is that the noise is produced outside.

The mounting feature is used to enhance the airflow by the ventilation system. Currently, the idea choice among the exhaust fan has the mounting on the top.

Sound Level

The general method of measuring the loudness of the kitchen exhaust fan is by Sones. Any of the exhaust fans greater than two sones or less than two are to be quiet.

The exhaust fans that are greater than four sones or more are to be the loud ones. So based on the sones produced, prices are also decided.

In short, if the sones are less, it directly corresponds to the higher rate.


Every kitchen requires airflow for proper ventilation. The adequate flow of the air of the exhaust fan is calculated in CFM that is in Cubic Feet per Minute.

If the exhaust fan is small in size, then its airflow is between 30 to 50 CFM. In the case of the large exhaust fan, the airflow is about 200 to 300 CFM.

Blade Material

To make the exhaust fan more stable and durable, the quality of the blades should be high. Only then, it guarantees to stay for an extended period.

The material used in the exhaust fan should be rustproof so that it may last longer. Each of the exhaust fans is available with different kinds of materials like Metal, Plastic, etc.


We have got to know every essential factor and usage of the kitchen exhaust fan. So we can directly conclude that the kitchen exhaust is a must for every kitchen.

Fans have many different sizes and shapes with specific features; one can wisely choose according to the characteristics they desire.

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