Dry Iron vs Steam Iron: Which One is Best to Choose in 2021

Iron is the most beneficial electric appliance which is used daily in any home for routine tasks.

With the improvement in technology, dry irons are being replaced by steam irons. Steam iron is the latest and the most popular among users due to its versatile features and enormous benefits.

To choose between dry iron and steam iron is a complicated task and can be done by noting the factors.

Both dry and steam iron have distinct features. so, it is necessary to see each’s specification. These both are readily available in the market, but a person has to choose between dry vs steam iron according to his need.

You can do this by comparing their advantages and disadvantages, making it easier to choose the right one.

Difference Between Dry Iron and Steam Iron


  • Dry iron

The first and foremost difference between dry iron and steam iron is the sole plates. Dry iron has a flat sole plate with essential features so that a child can also use it quickly.

  • Steam iron

In contrast, steam iron has a sole plate with holes through which steam generated in it is emitted out, which removes the wrinkles in the clothes.

The soleplate of steam iron has to be cleaned regularly so that the dust should not block the holes.

Water Tank 

  • Steam iron

The water tank is a vital difference between these two. It is present only in steam iron from where steam is produced.

This steam helps to remove creases from the clothes in a brief period. You can also spray the water on the fabric to remove wrinkles from the heavy fabrics easily.

  • Dry iron

While in dry iron, you could only use the pressure to remove wrinkles.


  • Steam iron

The adaptability of steam iron in dual function is another significant difference between them. Steam iron can be easily used as a dry and steam iron.

  • Dry iron

But the dry iron is not as versatile as steam iron, and it can only be used as dry iron. These features are also limited. 

What is Dry Iron?

Dry iron is a traditional and classic iron box that gives a practical and outstanding performance in ironing the clothes with a little effort.

It is the primary device with a flat, solid soleplate to remove wrinkles from the clothes by setting its temperature.

It is a boon to delicate fabrics like satin and silk. Its plate is pretty easy to clean does not have many complicated features.

It has limited features without any customization. You can use it to iron a few clothes every day. Nowadays it is considered old fashioned.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dry Iron

Fabric Settings 

Every fabric needs a particular temperature to be ironed that is not too low or high.

Keeping this in mind or the knob of the dry iron to set the temperature should have the setting according to the fabric like nylon, silk wool, cotton, and many more.

Furthermore, the iron must have the feature to automatically cut off when the temperature has reached its high point for that particular fabric. 


Wattage is the main factor to be considered before buying the dry iron. An iron should have the least 100+ watts that save your precious time and gives you a better ironing experience with a lesser effort.

Moreover, a dry iron comes with a light indicator that glows when the iron is heated at its highest point temperature. 

Note: To handle such a high voltage product, you need to be extra careful while using it.

Type of soleplate

It is the soleplate of the dry iron that gets heated up. It does not have holes and is easy to clean.

It is to be checked that the iron has a ceramic soleplate or coated with Teflon which is a nonstick surface.

The fabric usually does not stick over it due to the high temperature and easily glides over smoothly on the fabric that makes your clothes wrinkle-free.


Though a lightweight iron is handy, easy in handling while in use, and is excellent in efficiency for lighter fabrics like silk or wool.

But it is necessary to opt for a heavier iron if you want to iron some fabrics like denim or wool. Thus, this becomes crucial to understand your requirement before buying a dry iron.

Swivel Cord

It is necessary to have a 360-degree swivel cord in a dry iron to experience an effortless task and have flexible moveability.

That allows you to move the iron in any direction while using it and makes less stress on the wire.

What is Steam Iron?

Steam iron is an electric pressing iron with water in a water tank that gets converted into steam emitted through its soleplate’s holes.

The steam easily removes the creases from the clothes.

It is very versatile as it can also be used as dry iron just by not putting water in the water tank.

It is trendy now as it can iron piles of clothes in a brief period.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Steam Iron

Large water tank

When you have a pile of clothes to iron daily, it is recommended to check the water reservoir’s size.

Hassle out the refilling by the large size of the tank that allows you to iron in a better way.

It is also necessary to have a giant hole in the iron tank for easy filling and transparent colour for checking the level of water.

Advanced thermostat technology

The adjustable knob allows you to set the temperature according to the fabric, and maintain the ideal steam output for cotton, wool, silk, nylon, and more.

With the maximum power of 1700 watts and advanced heat technology, it is easy to run over various materials quickly and smoothly.

The inbuilt thermostat feature allows the auto shut off the iron when the temperature reaches its maximum.

Ergonomic Design 

Before buying a steam iron, it is essential to check the comfort level.

The iron with a firm grip handle not only easily fits in your hand but also gives you a pleasant experience while ironing the clothes.

Numbers of vents in the soleplate

The steam produced by the steam iron comes out of the micro holes built and evenly distributed in the soleplate.

Thus, more of the steam holes around the soleplate allows more steam diffusion and even spread out.

Thus, it becomes easier to cover larger areas, and the clothes are ironed more quickly and effectively.

Steam Button

Although, the micro-holes give enough steam for ironing any fabric with ease.

But to get rid of the stubborn wrinkles, the steam iron comes with a feature of a steam shot button that gives a powerful stroke of steam that comes out after pressing the button.

The steam produced profoundly penetrates the fabric that instantly removes the stubborn wrinkles.

Variable steam 

The amount of steam needed to iron and remove wrinkles depends on the material of the fabric.

The adjustable knob sets the steam’s output as various fabrics need different temperatures and levels of steam for the best results.

Anti Drip

It is usually in steam iron that the water leaks when the iron is not heated enough.

But the anti-drip feature prevents water leakage even if it is used at low temperatures. So, this factor is essential to be checked to prevent your clothes from unwanted spills.

Spray Mist

Do check this feature of spray mist on the steam iron before buying it.

It helps to moisten the clothes before ironing that ensure easy ironing of the clothes and remove wrinkles in a short time.

Sole Plate 

The steam iron’s soleplate is grafted with stainless steel or ceramic to ensure the even distribution of the heat generated. It has holes that release steam for easy ironing. Also to be checked that these holes do not get clogged.


Here are some frequently asked questions that you can consider before making your decision of buying any iron.

Which type of iron is best for clothes?

Steam iron is the best to get out the stubborn wrinkles from cotton and linen clothes. The steam generated quickly goes into the fabric and removes the creases within no time.

What are the best dry irons brands available in India?

Havells, Morphy Richards, Usha, Philips, and more are some of the dry iron brands.

How much watts steam iron should I buy?

Steam iron with a voltage of around 1800 Walt should be considered while buying it.

Can steam iron be used as dry iron?

Yes, it can be used when the water from the iron is emptied and advisable to set the knob of the iron to the dry heating. 

What type of iron soleplate is best?

Stainless Steel soleplate is the best as it is durable. It is easy to clean and does not stick to the clothes as it is much smoother than others.


Steam iron indeed has more benefits as compared to a dry iron. Due to its versatile features, it becomes easier to iron any fabric. It saves your precious time of ironing and helps to retain the texture of the clothes.

The steam iron’s dual-functioning allows both ways of pressing as a dry iron when you are in a hurry and works as a steam generator to remove the more problematic wrinkles easily.

The modern style steam irons are the best, convenient, and more durable than the dry iron.

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