Paper Shredder Machine: Types, Uses, and Functionality

Many of us hardly will get to know what the meaning of paper shredding is. In this article, you will get to know the concepts and mechanism of paper shredding.

Paper Shredding is one of the most powerful ways to protect all your personal or business crucial documents. One can safeguard confidentiality from almost obstructive effects.

We will get you to know about interesting facts that you may have known before, so continue reading.

What is a paper Shredder Machine?

A paper shredding machine is an automatic device used to cut papers into tiny pieces, into strips, or fine particles.

It is mainly and commonly used by Businesses, Private Individuals, and Government organizations.

The Paper Shredding Machine is used to destroy important, private, and confidential, and susceptible documents.

We no more burn the papers now. What we require is Paper Shredder. The Paper Shredder turns the papers into fine shreds.

Nobody can put them together and read them. It is a modern way of disposing of crucial documents post usage.

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Types of Paper Shredder

If you are looking and willing to buy a shredder and confused about which one is best suitable for you. Do not worry, here is the way to choose which type you should buy.

There are three types of Paper Shredder available at the high level. The shredder is differentiated based on the different shapes of the paper cut.

The first type is Strip-cut, the second type of paper shredder is Cross-cut, and the final is Micro-cut.


  • Ideal for shredding and light usage
  • It shreds the paper into a long strip pattern
  • It shredding width of the papery is 1/4th wide.
  • It is less used when compared to Cross-cut and Micro-cut.


  • It shreds the paper into cross-section and hence called Cross-cut
  • It is more secure than the Strip-cut
  • It chops the papery into little bites
  • The shredding width of the paper is7/34 X 1-27/32
  • It is faster and flexible than the Micro-cut Shredder


  • It shreds the paper into Confetti like pieces
  • It provides the highest level of security
  • It shredding width of the papery is 5/32 X 15/32
  • It cuts the paper 6X smaller than the standard Cross-cut shredder
  • You can’t put the documents back together and can’t read it

Features that one should know about the Paper Shredding

Getting a paper shredder and using it is what we all need to do these days. There are several privacy issues for the businesses and even some individual concepts that not all should be aware of.

So having a paper shredder is the safest of all the dangers one would face. To get the maximum benefit of buying the paper shredder, one must have proper research and knowledge.

There are so many shredders available in the market, and each has various features. Here are some of them listed to make your work easy and save time and money.

Safety features

Safety is an important and essential feature and always stands on top of all. The machines would be dangerous and may harm even though if you are very conscious.

Here are some of the safety precautions that one should always remember, such as Automatic off, Overfeed Indicators, Interlock Switches, etc.

Using these would help one from staying away from the danger. Regardless, which different type of shredder you use, always make sure that you take the precaution and follow it carefully.

A continuous-working motor

A heavy-duty is compulsorily needed due to a massive amount of the paper when shredded regularly.

The paper shredder is best and perfect for the busy office for continuous usage. The device can shred the paper non-stop and makes it called has a heavy-duty machine.

Cross-cut VS strip-cut

This particular feature is related to the internal functionality of the machine. The internal functionality is related directly to the operating system.

Here, the operating system generally is classified into two major types. The first one is a Strip-cut shredder that will cut the paper into spaghetti types of strips.

On the other hand, the Cross-cut shredder will cut the paper sheet into small tiny particles. As the paper shredder machines built for destroying confidential papers, Strip-cut is not much suitable. Cross-cut shredder machines cut the paper sheets into the smallest bits.

Automatic Machine Oiling

Each of the machines used compulsorily needs to do the oiling over some time. In the initial days, proper oiling for the smaller machine, engines, devices, and tools carried manually.

Nowadays, large systems like Department Shredder come with an in-built automatic oiling system.

The machine is automated then, and it’s well and good. No problem if the machine oiling is not automated. Because oiling is super easy and doesn’t waste much time, and keeps the machine smooth and refined.

Let us discover the uses of the Paper Shredder.

As of now, we have gone through the features and various types of paper shredder. Now let us know the benefits of the paper shredder.

As we know, the paper shredder helps to keep the sensitive documents on the safer side and doesn’t fall into the hands of competitors or thefts.

The paper shredder bifurcated into majority two parts. The Personal Shredder and the other one is Primary Shredder.

Paper shredder is beneficial in several ways. Considering the Personal Shredder, it helps the Gift Bags like cutting of the tissue papers, color papers, shinny, and glittering paper.

It adds an extra effect to the gift items. When talking about the Primary Shredder, it is mainly used by doctors, Dentists, Psychologists to destroy confidential information.

The following are some extra uses of the Paper Shredder that one should be aware of

  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Excluding Clutter and Report Risks
  • Preserving Nature
  • Security of Documents
  • Waste Reduction
  • Cost-Effective way
  • Instant Shredding


The Shredding Machine is highly effective and possesses high-quality cutting as it is widely used and maintained by large companies and utilized for personal use. It offers the best way of crushing confidential papers/documents.

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