Table Fan vs Ceiling Fan – Which One is Best?

Do you become confused about choosing between a Table Fan and a Ceiling Fan? Here, we’re discussing a review of the Table Fan and Ceiling Fan. We’re going to find out the best type of fan for you.

Firstly, we examine the appearance and features of the Table Fan and Ceiling Fan. After that, we discuss the difference between them. So, let’s start.

Table Fan

A table fan is a mechanical product that acts as a portable fan that runs on any power source.

Table fans also run on electricity as well as with rechargeable batteries. So, the user can easily use this type of fan without any external power source.

This product attains a fan with a highly durable protector. Table fans also have multiple speed controlling levels.

The user can easily customize the acceleration and customize it according to its requirements.

Some products achieve additional features like moving heads and inbuilt light. These features enhance the quality of the product.

Table fans are handy as well as movable also. You can easily take them anywhere you want.

Moving table fans covers a sufficient amount of area with air. Table fans are also durable but comparatively (Ceiling fan) less.

Advantages of table Fan

There are various advantages of selecting the table fans:

  • You can easily change the place of this fan.
  • Table fans are lightweight products.
  • Table fans are also movable and cover a large area with air.
  • Table fans are less expensive as compared to ceiling fans.
  • Table fans also run with a battery.
  • You can adjust the speed of the fan according to your requirement.

Disadvantages of table Fan

  • Table fans are comparatively less durable.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are available in every house. A ceiling fan is not easily portable because the ceiling fan is an assemblage of some accessories of fans like Wings, Motor, Condenser, and some others.

A ceiling fan is the oldest form of fan that runs on electricity. It needs electricity as its power source.

We can define a ceiling fan as a mechanical fan fixed on the ceiling of the room. The ceiling fan covers a large area with air.

It also includes the speed adjustment system. So, you can easily make your desired speed in ceiling fans.

This type of fan is large and not easily portable. You have to fix the parts and hang them on the ceiling.

Assembling of Ceiling fans

To assemble the ceiling fan, follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the motor (central part) of the ceiling fan.
  • Now, clean the wings of the ceiling fan and joint all the fan wings from the motor.
  • Also, joint additional accessories and hand them on the ceiling.
  • Join the wires of the ceiling with the wire of the fan.

The Electrical Ceiling fan was initially introduced in the 1860s-1870s in the United States. With the changing time, various adjustments in the ceiling fans make it more improved and updated.

Advantages of ceiling fan

All the advantages of the ceiling fan are listed below:-

  • The ceiling fan covers the whole room with a large amount of air.
  • Ceiling fans are highly durable which runs for many years without any issue.
  • Ceiling fans attain a speed adjustment system.
  • Ceiling fans come in various designs.

Disadvantages of ceiling fan

  • It is not easily portable.
  • Complex to assemble.

Difference between Table Fan and Ceiling Fan

Difference between Table Fan and Ceiling Fan

We discuss the whole information about the Ceiling fan and Table fan. Now, we’re going to discuss the difference between them.

Let us dive deeper to know the difference between both types of fans. For this, we should foremost check the features of both types of fans in specified conditions.


Durability is the initial and most important feature. When talking about the ceiling fan’s durability.

It lasts longer than the table fans because the ceiling fans are attached to the ceiling on the top of the room.

This feature of the ceiling fan will reduce the chances of falling and other casualties. On the other hand, the table fan has more chances to fall.


Portability is nothing but carrying something from one place to another place. When looking at the table fans, these are highly portable.

You can make a place for the table fan where ever you desire and make yourself so comfortable. On the other hand, the ceiling fans are fixed and can’t be easily movable.

Covering Area

The covering area of ceiling fans is wider-reaching than Table fans. Ceiling fans expand the air in the whole room. On the other side, a table fan can only flow the air in a particular direction.

Speed control

The speed control settings are available for both types of fans. So, users can effortlessly get their required speed.


When talking about safety, it stands on the top of everything. Both types of fans are safe, but the Ceiling fan is safer than the table fan.

The ceiling fan can manage the unusual current flow effortlessly. Table fans are handy though the chances to fall on the ground are also higher in it.

While ceiling fans are fixed on the top of the wall for many years without any issue.


Table fans are highly compatible because you can place them anywhere. On the other hand Ceiling, fans are fixed on the wall and are less co-operative.

So, based upon the thorough research. These were some of the prominent differences between table fans and ceiling fans.


So, here we discussed all the details about both types of fans. After comparing both the fans, we can conclude that if you’re living with family or you have comparatively large rooms, then the ceiling fans are the best option for you to choose. But, if you live alone and probably have a smaller place, then a Table fan is also a good option for you.

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